Gone Too Long……

Bonjour mon ami’s! Wow I can’t believe it’s been nearly six months since my last post. Pretty much life is the same but there have been a few changes. We moved from Busselton to Capel about 7 weeks ago now. You may remember our house was put on the market back in March and while we loved living in Busselton the rents had just become too high for us to stay so we’ve moved 20 minutes north to the next town, Capel. It’s a nice quiet small town that we’re all slowly getting used to. There are things I miss about Busselton but tourist season isn’t one of them…..lol.

Living somewhere where I don’t have the distraction of ‘just popping into town’ when I’m bored I’ve noticed how much more my brain is in full on kid/mum mode and I find myself singing to Giggle and Hoot every time it comes on t.v……. Well I guess someone has to teach Francis right. ? So with impending brain fog being a permanent feature I decided I had to do something to keep some sense of sanity and being me, so I enrolled to do my diploma of interior design and decoration which starts in a couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to it.

 Over the weekend my creative flow was back and I had a sewing day whipping a few small projects up. My gorgeous friend Lyn recently visited and gave me some fabric she’d brought back from Paris for me, it’s divine. I’ve never been able to find anything like it here in Australia.


Fabric from Paris, Love……

 Lyn asked me to make her a doorstop or of the red fabric and here it is. Personally I thought it came out fan-freakin-tastic lol


One gorgeous doorstop……

I’d also bought some fabric from spotlight recently to make Bec and Francis their own cushion covers for their beds. Bec is mad about Hello Kitty and spotlight just happened to have some new fabrics in, so after a difficult decision I picked one I liked then picked some owl fabric for Francis. His fabric just happens to be the same as I made his cot bumper out of.

Bec loves Hello Kitty to death lol

Bec loves Hello Kitty to death lol

Francis' cushion, I love this owl fabric......

Francis’ cushion, I love this owl fabric……

I also had enough to do Francis a matching pillow slip.....

I also had enough to do Francis a matching pillow slip…..

I really enjoyed sewing last weekend and coming up with these small creations, it’s really motivated me to get back to my sewing and painting, although I’m going to have to wait for some decent weather before I can start the painting.

One of the other things I like about living in Capel is the amount of animals, especially horses you see. There’s a beautiful mare we’ve been watching every morning on our school drive and on Thursday she was right at the fence so I pulled over to get a picture of her for Bec being as she was at school by this time. She let me get real close to take a picture and once the camera was away I approached her a little more and she let me pat her. Ah she was so lovely and horses are one of my all time fave animals, how could you not love a horse….really..?

Our little beauty down the road that we keep an eye on....

Our little beauty down the road that we keep an eye on….

Well I better be off now as bub is trying to rip my arm away from the computer, usually his way of telling me he’s had enough of seeing me on here. SO take care everyone and I’ll be back very soon with another post, hopefully with lots of sunshine in it……Au revoir for now…..xo



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