Starting Fresh

Well first of all I have to say I’m not quite sure where to start. It’s been so long since I wrote anything that I kind of feel like I’m starting all over again. I kind of lost my mojo to write last year and it just seems to have taken alot longer to come back than what it usually does. However lately I’ve been feeling like it’s coming back so here I am. I’ll try to be entertaining 🙂

We’ve been in Capel for just over a year now and while it’s quiet up here there’s really not too much to do and we’re back and forth between Busselton and Bunbury quite a bit as that’s where civilization is lol….I do still love the peace and quiet here though and the fact that the house is quite spacious though the kitchen’s not really as big as you think it is when you first see it. Apart from that it’s a nice house with a good size yard for the kids.

Speaking of the kids they’ve gotten so much bigger and are doing really well though they do miss Busselton quite a bit but they’re surviving. Bec’s doing quite well at school and is her usual cheeky self, Francis has grown so much it’s ridiculous, he’s almost as tall as some of the kindy kids and he’s only 2 1/2yrs old!! He’s going to be tall that’s for sure. Luke is doing good but misses Busselton more than anyone. He just doesn’t have the same independence here as there’s literally nowhere to go….however he still goes to Busselton regularly with intework so he’s managing.


Over last summer having some water fun to cool down

There’s way too much to put into one post about what we’ve been doing the over the last 12 months since my last post but we’re all good and life is moving on. I’ve been busy with sewing, I taught myself to crochet so I’ve been doing heaps of that over the winter. I finally painted my coffee table and put new handles on it, I rediscovered my love of pilates and I’ve been trying to get my health sorted. I suppose we don’t sound like an overly exciting bunch but there are things in the planning stages that I’ll talk about as they happen. Oh and I turned 40 this year!! Still not sure how I feel about this except to say age is just a number lol

Me back in March when I hit the big 40!

Me back in March when I hit the big 40!

Well that’s really kind of it for now as once again I’m being called upon for something or other so I’ll see you all again soon with something a little more interesting I’m sure. Au Revoir.


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