Spring Has Sprung…..Mostly…

Well hi there and how’s everyone’s week been?? Can you believe it’s Friday already?? This week seems to have gone really fast and it’s been a strange old week. First the week started off beautiful and sunny and it was even warm here on Wednesday and it was so nice to have the sun out again. Then yesterday the weather changed and winter came back and stayed right through today as well, it’s been cold, wet, windy and wild, did I say cold?? Nope not cold, freezing is more like it. I love Spring as the weather is lovely, the sky is clear and everything is blooming and smelling divine. Except Lantana, Lantana never smells nice, it’ smells like cats pee and is the worst plant ever hehe….apart from that everything else smells divine. I love the smell of fresh cut lawn, I can’t explain it it’s just one of those spring smells I love. I also love the background noise on a warm day of everyone firing up their lawnmowers. You kind of get the feeling that it’s not just a case of mowing the lawn for the sake of it but it’s the prepping for summer and all the future bbq’s to come. There’s definitely a lot to look forward to in Spring……


Things I need to learn/do for Spring and future Summer this year are: how to make the perfect ice tea. If you have any idea please let me know as it’s one of my all time fave summer drinks but here in Australia it’s only ever available in a bottle. I’ve only ever been to one cafe in Perth (many moons ago) that made their own fresh ice tea and it was to die for. So learning to make fresh ice tea is a must. Also I’ve got to find some more interesting things to cook on the bbq other than the typical steak and sausages as it can just be so boring….An outdoor setting!! This is a must! I have to buy a decent, nice looking, kid proof outdoor setting. I’m tired of dragging my work table over and taking dining room chairs outside…..I want to sit outside and enjoy it with my family and friends….minus the wriggling in the chair because our bums have gone to sleep from the hard dining room chairs.

Oh yes I'd love something like this....

Oh yes I’d love something like this….

 So while it’s been a typical slow start to Spring here in the South West there’s so much to look forward to….getting back to the beach and swimming, woohoo!…..picnics and day trips, lots of gardening and refreshing the plants, the kids being worn out from a full day of playing outside rather than being cooped up indoors and so much more….

On that note I’m off to write a list of things I’ll be needing from Bunnings tomorrow. No time like the present to get started. I also need an early night, this little black duck just can’t handle late Friday nights any more….but that’s another post….take care and remember if you have an ice tea recipe or some great bbq ideas then leave me a comment and I’ll give them a try.


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung…..Mostly…

  1. Amanda says:

    A friend gave me some Ice Tea mix (loose leaf) from T2 last year for Christmas along with a plunger/style gadget for making the iced tea. Perhaps check out if they still sell something similar. They have lots of different flavours…

    • mylifemylovesmyhome says:

      Hi Amanda thanks for that but I have to ask who and what is T2.? Lol I’m country folk now so I miss alot of what’s happening in Perth but boy it looks like it’s getting bigger and bigger all the time 😊

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