Mondays Smoothies…..

Bonjour, ca va?? Well I’m back finally after a few promises to post smoothie recipes I finally got here. Today’s the last day of school holidays and I have to say we finished it off well. After running a couple of errands this morning I came home and put Francis down for a nap and Bec and I did a pilates workout together…..I was going to do it alone but she insisted on joining in and she had fun….so that’s what really matters. In the afternoon we decided to meet hubby after work for a swim being as the days are finally getting warmer here and good for swimming. Also I love swimming late in the day because it helps the kids crash when they go to bed lol….

Ok onto business and lets get some of these super yum smoothies down for you all…..These are all my own creations and so healthy (yep healthy) and refreshing……First of all we have one of my personal faves…

Tropical Coconut Smoothie Cup


I came up with this because I was actually craving a mango smoothie but only had tropical frozen fruit and what great make it was……this is a smoothie cup, just like the smoothie bowls you’ve been seeing everywhere….it’s thicker so you can spoon it like a desert……here’s what you’ll need….

1 cup woolworths select tropical fruit pieces

1/4 cup vanilla greek yogurt

1/2 cup almond milk

2tbsp vanilla pea protein

1tsp coconut probiotic (Available from health food stores)

Pop all these ingredients in your blender of choice (I have a fabulous Nutribullet that I couldn’t live without) and blitz until everything is mixed but with a thick consistency….you can leave it in your nutribullet cup as I did or poor it into a bowl and enjoy every single refreshing mouthful.

Next is my fave mango smoothie ever….I think Mango is so perfect for summer as it’s got that fresh summer taste and knows how to satisfy a sweet craving on those hot days…..

Mango Delight


So here’s what you’ll need for this summer fave of mine

1 cup baby spinach

3/4 cup woolworths select frozen mango pieces

1 banana

1 cup almond milk

1tsp maple syrup

Again pop all ingredients into your blender and blitz til all is blended and enjoy…..I’d love to hear your feedback and what you thought of either smoothie.

Well I’m off for now as it’s late and I’m doing my best to make sure I get to bed at a reasonable hour lately but now I’m 40 minutes past bed time so I’ll say goodnight and I’ll be back tomorrow….or the next day lol

Au revoir

Michelle xo


Bonjour I love hearing from you so leave a comment..

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