Catching Up……

Bonsoir mon ami’s….how are you all going??

Well I’ve been extremely spasmodic with posting over the last 18 months and I honestly feel like Capel has sucked the writing vibe out of me….There’s something about this town that is very unmotivating and it’s driving me crazy. Though on the upside we won’t be here for much longer…woohoo!

A couple of months ago now we decided to move back to Busselton as living in Capel is affecting everyone and not in a positive way…..Busselton was the original idea but then Chris suggested we go to Dalyellup! I wasn’t exactly thrilled at this idea as I love Busselton and being near the beach and all our friends are there and that’s where I feel most at home and creative……however my poor hubby almost fell asleep at the wheel coming home from work a few weeks ago and that was enough to convince me to go to Dalyellup as it puts him closer to work so only a 10 minute drive after a 10 hour day that starts at 2:30am as opposed to a 40 minute drive back to Busselton.

It’s taken a few weeks but we’ve finally found a nice place and we move in 6 weeks time….As soon as I can after we move I will share some pictures….Thankfully I started packing weeks ago when we decided to move so now all that’s really left to do is the incidental things like crockery and cutlery…..things you can’t really do til the very end.

I wish I could say life has been more exciting over the last 18 months but it’s really been pretty stationary though I finally found out I have hashimotos. More on that in another post. I also found my love of pilates again. Again another post coming lol……I’ve also been eating very clean and healthy, completely gluten free, dairy free, soy free and almost completely grain free too…(I’ll share some awesome healthy cook boos I’ve found and love in a future post)…..this all relates back to the hashimotos…..Oh and I turned 40 this year! Still dealing with that one lol….better hurry up though because I’ll be 41 in 4 months hehe….


The night I turned 40 and after a workout….


One of my fave smoothie books…..

Well my friends there’s not too much else to report at the moment but I’m determined to get my blogging mojo back and up and running….here’s hoping Dalyellup is just as inspiring as Busselton…….I’ll keep you all updated as to when we get the keys and when we’re on the move….for now have a great night/day where ever you are….

Au revoir

Michelle xo


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