Painting, Cooking & Zumba….

Bonjour mon ami’s and happy hump day! I hope you’re all off to a great start to the week and all is good in your world…

Well it’s been a good week here so far, nothing much really exciting happening but that’s ok as long as everyone’s happy….Francis and I did some painting and cooking after lunch yesterday and he thoroughly enjoyed painting and using all the colours and really mixing them together….boys are so different to girls lol…..girls worry about keeping everything separate and having it look pretty whereas boys just mish mash it all together and it comes out looking pretty awesome. Thankfully it was sunny yesterday and I was able to peg his paintings on the line to dry. Today is cloudy, cold and damp…not a good day for painting and trying to dry it.


A great afternoon of painting


taking time out from being an artist and taking iggle piggle for a drive

Ever since I made some Gluten Free brownies a couple of months ago Francis has been obsessed with cakes and helping to make cakes as soon as he sees me get the mixer out….he grabs a chair from the table and carries it by himself to the kitchen bench where he proceeds to climb up and start passing me things before I’m even ready for them lol….the first thing we made was some lovely Banana, Blueberry Bread from my The Happy Cookbook by Lola Berry…..I love this gal and her recipes are aaaamazingly good….even the kids like most of them and that’s saying something for completely healthy, no crap whatsoever food!!……The Banana, Blueberry Bread came out perfectly and is soooo delish, especially with a little butter on it…ssshhh 😉 Bec has been taking some to school for morning tea and she’s usually fussy when I make new foods but she loves blueberries so the bread was a big win for her……Next we made (from the same book) some Paleo Choc Chip cookies. Who doesn’t love choc chip cookies? I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t……Ok these weren’t 100% paleo this time as I was out of Almond Butter so I replaced it with….Peanut Butter!! Omg what have I done hehehe well let me tell you we ended up making some pretty awesome peanut butter, choc chip cookies that’s what….and Francis made sure they were all flat and smooshed on the tray before they went in the oven…..they turned out just as awesome as the bread and definitely aren’t lasting long in this house.

Well today we had more of a chill out day as it really was too cold and windy to go anywhere. I had planned on taking Francis out but being as he woke up with the start of a cold and fell off the couch and banged his head before 8am I thought we better not chance going out on such a wild day. So after we dropped Bec at school Francis grabbed the tablet and played the ABC Kids Player App….he’s nailed all the activities in that app but he loves it and happily does them again… while he was busy with that I got ready to do my Zumba workout…..I was dreading cardio today as we’re so not friends but once I started moving my feet I was happy to get on with it. I love to dance and used to ballroom dance years ago and doing Zumba reminded me just how much I love dancing….I’d love to go back to ballroom one day but now’s just not the time… after 50 minutes of shaking my hips, shimmying all over the place, samba (confusion dance lol), salsa and a bunch of others I was pooped but I loved it and am looking forward to doing it again Friday!!

Tomorrow I’m back to weights woohoo ….I love my weights sessions……I’m not sure what else we’ll be doing tomorrow as the weather is meant to be horrible for the next few days and it just depends on how bub’s cold goes as well…..well I hope your week is rockin’ and I’ll catch you all soon. Take care for now…

Au revoir

Michelle xo


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