Decor Update….

Bonjour mon ami’s, ca va? Well I have to say I honestly thought I’d have another post up by now but everyone’s been sick with the flu and throwing up. Plus I had a tooth extracted last Friday so I wasn’t really feeling up to much. I wasn’t able to workout for a few days last week due to vertigo from my tooth and I haven’t been able to workout yesterday or today due to bub throwing up all day yesterday and feeling a little feverish myself then waking up with a very sore throat…’s picked up a bit today so I’m hoping to get a workout in tomorrow. The Maxine’s Shape Up Challenge starts Monday so I want to be ready to kick that off with a bang.

Today I thought I’d share a little decor revamp I did in Bec and Francis’ room last week. I’m kicking myself I didn’t take any before pics but I just forgot. I tend to get an idea to move things round then run with it and only think of the before pics when I’m halfway through doing something….I’ll have to work on that…..

We’ll start with Bec’s room simply because hers was the first room I did and took pictures of lol….

As you can see she’s well set up with her chill out corner and a snug bed to read in before she goes to sleep…..The bed was over against the wall where her chest of drawers is but I felt the room was getting too disorderly all the time as she didn’t have set zones….so while she was at school i moved her bed to the middle of the room and rearranged everything else so that it would work better and I’m happy to say it does….I still love the chest of drawers as that’s something I did for her while we were still in capel….hope she’ll hold onto it for a good while yet….everyone who sees it always asks where I got it from lol….feels so good to be able to say I revamped it myself….So that’s Bec’s room and she’s thoroughly happy with it and I’m happy Kmart has upped their game in the homewares department…’s amazing what you can get in there now….I actually just bought Bec a clock for her bedside table that’s copper and will match her yeah, yeah, yeah pic……I got that pic for the bargain price of $4!! and it’s soooo Bec lol….

Ok onto monsieur Francois’room……I haven’t moved anything around in his room because for a 3 and a half year old it’s set up perfectly with plenty of room to play with his cars and blocks and believe me that goes on all the time…..when you see his bed you might think it’s strange that his pillow is away from the window….when we moved in that was and is the best spot for his bed but because he was used to sleeping on his left side facing the wall in Capel he didn’t like the pillow being at the top because then he was facing the empty space….he’s a funny boy but he sleeps with his head away from the window and likes it better and honestly so do I because their rooms are so cold in winter I really don’t want him or Bec being under cold windows breathing in cold air.

I bought the F for his door when we were still living in Busselton and it has gone from house to house now and needless to say it’ll go with us on our next move too….I love the wall hangings from kmart…they have such great inspiring sayings on them for kids and why shouldn’t they Be Brave and have Time for Adventure…..that’s what being a kid is all about….I love the arrow lights above his chest of drawers and his play area….and yes I painted his chest of drawers too….there’s not too much in the house my paint brush hasn’t touched lol…..he has such fun in here all the time, in fact if he disappears from the family room the first pace I always look is his room and I sneak around the corner because I don’t want to disturb him…..he likes just sitting and playing on his own and he has a very good imagination so I think at times it’s best to leave them to it and explore their own world…..

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing Bec and Francis’ rooms and it feels good as a mum to know you’ve made a nice, safe, cosy space just for them….somewhere they can go off to on their own and just enjoy the room and what’s in it…..

I’ve also been crocheting my fingers away and I finally got some sewing done on the weekend before everyone got sick….I started Bec an Anya blanket for her bed months ago and finally finished it last week…it turned out way bigger than I thought it would but that ok because when she’s sitting on her bed reading she can just pull it up and keep warm…


This is the only picture I have of it at the moment and I was just about finished….I’ll get some pic’s of it tomorrow on her bed and share them on ig and when I’m back here next….it’s a gorgeous pattern and I’ll definitely be doing another one…

Since I finished Bec’s Anya I thought I’d get started on a throw for Francis too but something a little more boyish….so I thought I’d go with a ripple blanket and oh boy I almost threw it in the bin before I even really got started lol….I had to pull back seven rows!! That’s nearly a whole ball of wool….my chain count was out by two chains and it was throwing the whole pattern off….so I started again only to be out by one chain argh!! lol…..I really need to by some chain markers so I don’t lose count any more…..well third time round and all is good and we’re finally going but seriously who would’ve thought a ripple blanket would be hard than the anya? Well at least it’s going now but it does eat the wool…..I’ve started it in a dark blue but I’m going to bring a grey in and have it two toned instead of one solid colour……


I took this before unraveling it the first time but you can see the ripple effect…..


And here we have the cushion covers I made for Francis’ bed….I was so glad I found this fabric in spotlight as it fits in well with his bedding (yep from kmart lol)….I made him an owl cushion and bumper set for his cot when he went into his cot and while the bumper has been put away the cushion has stayed on his bed but I thought with his room changing so much he’s getting a little big for the owl cushion so I got something to match the rest of his room…..the smaller cushion goes next to his pillow so when he rolls over he doesn’t hit the wall….I wish they made pillows the width of a single bed for kids would make life much easier….the bigger cushion was blue with a car on it and while there was nothing wrong with it it just wasn’t going with the room so I replaced both cushion covers with these hand made by me…..I will get some better pics…I’d literally just finished making them and his bed wasn’t made properly lol but I wanted to get a pic…..

So that’s it for now that what I’ve been up to as well as working out when I can, cleaning up vomit, washing the mountain of laundry that follows gastro, crocheting, sewing and attempting to get Chris’ bedside table finished by this weekend…’s been sitting half done for ages….that’s one thing I do miss about Capel I had a great big undercover area I could work under even when it was raining….Not here though it’s a very small alfresco area and it gets really wet under there… hopefully there will be a bit of sun on the weekend like last Sunday……well I’m off to make a cuppa and do another row or two of Francis’ blanket then call it a night…..take care and I’ll be back soon…

Au revoir

Michelle xo


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