One Flu For Everyone & One Custom Cushion….

My house is quiet. It’s so quiet I can hear the clock ticking on the wall….my house is never this quiet but it’s 7pm and everyone (apart from Luke) is in bed….yes that includes hubby as well…that’s what happens when you start work at 2:30am!!

It’s been a pretty full on couple of weeks here with everyone getting the flu and poor Francis having a day of throwing up all day long….he really was unwell but thankfully everyone is pretty much mended now and things are back to normal.


My little man all better from the flu….but now with molars playing up…

Last week I started the Maxine’s Shape Up Challenge in order to get fitter and healthier…when you have a baby in your late 30’s it kind of makes you realize you need to look after yourself even more than in your 20’s… I thought I’d give the challenge a go and see how I go. So far I’m loving it and I’m dancing my way through my cardio days lol….I hate cardio but since deciding to make those days my dance party days I’m really loving them. I’m doing Zumba and Country Heat to get me through and I love them both….

Last week I started a crochet project and today I finally finished it yey! I’ve been wanting to do a cushion for ages and finally designed my own and got it done…the only thing I”m kicking myself about is I forgot to take more progress pictures as I was going along…but I’ll share what I do have…

I’m really happy with how the cushion turned out and now it’ll be listed for sale…if things go well you could see some more designs being made and sold πŸ˜‰ I’m working on another project for a friend at the moment….this ones a gift but I won’t say too much just yet in case she’s reading this lol…..

Tomorrow I’m going to try and get out in the garden a bit before the bad weather comes back to finish off winter before spring kicks in…….I haven’t done any real gardening here which is unusual for me because usually I plant rosemary straight away no matter where I live….but I have a theory on that that I’ll share with you next time….for now I’m off to have a cuppa and an early night…

Take care for now…..Au revoir

Michelle xo


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