A Spontaneous Fishing Adventure….

Hello and welcome back. I’m not sure how much of an audience I have these days as I’ve let my poor little old blog go for so long. So if you find yourself here reading this then welcome and thanks for stopping by…..I’m actually starting to feel my writing mojo coming back lately and I’m going to be doing my best to get back to where I used to be.

Yesterday afternoon we headed to a friends house to pick up some packing boxes…yes that’s right I said packing boxes!!….Looks like we’re going to be moving again soon..(I’ll keep you posted) Any how we got to our friends house and they said they were heading to the beach to do some fishing and asked us to come. Naturally I said yes as I grew up fishing in rivers, dams and the ocean…..I still have pictures of me when I was about six years old with a trout I caught at Waroona Dam……so we thought we’d go down for half an hour or so mostly to give the kids something to do as it’s been so hot here the last couple of days and three hours later we finally left to come home lol……

It was such a great night and fishing is something I haven’t done in so long but I’m so glad I have a Dad who taught me how to fish when I was a kid because while my casting was a little wonky in the beginning it came back to me pretty quickly. Also I had to stop and think about Dad because he would have loved it at the beach last night…the water was beautiful, it was flat and although not much was biting it was a perfect night for fishing. Since move six hours away to woop woop he just doesn’t get to go fishing any more as he’s so far inland…..I think the next time he heads down this way I’m going to insist he come fishing with us and give the kids a few lessons the way he used to when we were kids.

Now my poor hubby couldn’t fish or swim because the other week he ruptured a tendon in his bicep and had surgery and isn’t allowed to get the wound wet yet and has his arm in a sling. We’re back to the hospital Thursday to see what’s next with his arm. However he did enjoy himself taking pics of us all and just being at the beach with friends. Bec caught about three trumpeters and a brim which we had to throw back as it was too small. Francis caught his first skippy which was also too small and I caught a trumpeter and a brim which was also too small to keep. It seemed to be a night for the small fish but soon the salmon will be running and we’ll be going out again. I have to admit I’d forgotten how good a night you could have down on the beach fishing as it’s been many, many years since I’ve done it….oh and the really awesome thing was that I got to drive our Prado down on the beach to where we parked!! It’s the first time we’ve taken it on the beach and hubby was a little jealous I was the one to get to do it first lol……It’s definitely harder than it looks but was a good experience, one I look forward to doing again.

It’d be nice if we could do things like this every day but I do enjoy the days we do get to do it…..now I’ve just got to get Dad to part with some fishing rods lol πŸ˜‰

Au revoir

Michelle Β xo


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