Seek Joy In The Small Things Of Life…

Bonjour mon ami’s and welcome to my first post as Seek Joy. It’s taken me much longer than I intended to do this post as it’s been school holidays here and it’s been super busy.

I thought I’d start by briefly explaining the name change of the blog. I’ve been thinking about it for a while but nothing I came up with sounded right. Lately things have been a tad on the stressful side here as hubby injured himself back in February and has been off work since, though hopefully he’ll be back soon. With hubby off work and the bills piling up and the threat of eviction looming over our heads we were getting more and more stressed. I read somewhere about if you’re going to do something for work then do something you love (which I’ve always believed in doing) and if you want to find happiness in each day then Seek Joy! Those two words changed my whole thinking in an instant. Seek Joy, what does that mean? What does it mean to me? What does it mean to you? What does it mean in general? Everyone is going to have their own view on what those two words mean but for me they meant Seek Joy in every day living! No matter how hard my day has been, no matter how tired I am, no matter how many bills there are, no matter if we’re evicted or not……to seek the joy in each day for me means to reflect back on my day and take into account the little things that happened that made me smile. It could be, the kids didn’t fight as much, Francis waking up dry and me not having to change the bed (yey for night toilet training), going for a walk on my own with my ipod blaring Bon Jovi… doesn’t matter what happens in my day there is always a little bit of joy that I can take from it and cherish it.

I loved my blog My Life, My Loves, My Home but after being that for so many years and so much has happened in that time I felt it was time for a name change. I find as I’m getting older (42 this year!) I am definitely looking for the joy in my life, the calmness, the peaceful moments, like right now because the kids are in bed asleep and the house is quiet…..ah bliss… point is as we get older we change what we want to find from our every day life and so I thought it was time to go down a new path….I hope you’ll stay with me and still enjoy all the posts your used to and more.

Now I’m going to share a little of what I’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks 🙂

Well first of all being as Chris has been off work for the last two months things have been quite tight financially, so when Francis’s jeans finally wore a hole in the knee I immediately started to google the best way to patch them as I couldn’t afford to replace them. I’m so glad I did because there are so many ideas on google and patching his jeans made them just a bit cooler than they were before. Isn’t it funny how many moons ago our parents and grandparents would have automatically gone for the patch job but we tend to go straight to the store to buy a new pair. Well not any more in this house, from now on I’m going straight for the patch job. I found a tutorial for a reverse applique method and loved it. I was going to do it on the sewing machine but the jeans wouldn’t go up over the free arm of my machine so I did it all by hand using the back stitch method. Thank goodness my mum and grandma taught me these techniques when I was young and I still remember them! Now I forgot to take pics of progress shots but basically I drew a car around the whole in the pants then pinned some fabric on the inside of the jeans, followed the outline with my back stitch then cut away the jeans a little. And the end result is this….


one groovy car on the knee

Personally I thought they turned out really well and it was a great choice of fabric which was Bec’s idea. Now as soon as I’d finished patching the front I realized the cuff on the bottom of his jeans had worn through, so I patched that as well….


a new cuff and he was ready to test run them

I only did these pants last week and they’ve already been through the wash twice and so far my stitching is holding up really well. I’ve actually had an idea on how to transform some jeans of Bec’s that getting to small in the leg but still fit in the waste….but more on that another time….

So what else have I been doing….well this morning I was actually prepared for once knowing we’d be on the road for a couple of hours to pick Bec up today from her trip to Perth and I got the slow cooker on early with a delish casserole with dumpling….I do love my slow cooker and I love this new one I bought a few months ago….it does everything from slow cook, rice, porridge and more…..and I actually think it’s a better slow cooker than my ‘original’ style slow cooker…


Loving the new slow cooker…

Trust me if you’re looking for a rice cooker that does everything and everything exceptionally well then go get yourself one of these Tefal ones…you’ll love it.

Yesterday morning I woke up at 5am and could not get back to sleep no matter what I did. I procrastinated about getting up because it was cold and at least the bed was warm. I finally got up about 5:30am and took my thyroid medication (has to be taken half an hour before breakfast) and hopped back in bed where it was warm……after half an hour of instagramming, checking emails and some early morning facebooking I decided to get up, put my lovely soft warm dressing gown on as well as slippers and have some breakfast while the house was quiet and everyone was still asleep. It’s not often I get breakfast first or t have it in peace and quiet so I took advantage of the early hour, put on the heater and got to it… was the best peanut butter and banana on toast with coffee I’ve had in ages…..


best brekkie in ages and I love this cup from kmart…

Later in the day after doing the grocery shopping at Aldi’s I left Chris and Francis home and went shopping for some new jeans……I myself am desperate for new jeans yet unlike Francis’ mine are not mendable… know you’ve worn your jeans to death when the inside seem is tearing apart!!…….So off to CrossRoads I went…..I always go clothes shopping half dreading it because I can never usually find styles I like or pants that fit well…..I decided to go with a pair of jeggings as lots of friends have been raving about the and what do you know…..they fit prefectly and hold everything in and lift somethings too 😉 lol…….and I had to go down a size woohoo!!……I was really surprised with how comfy they are and I’ll be back to get another pair for sure….I also managed to get a really nice top on sale for $10!


A quick dressing room selfie as I haven’t got a full length mirror at home

Now I had some really cool pants and a nice top so I just had to stop at kmart on the way home and get some cool black boots to go with the outfit as I really don’t think flats would cut it…….no pic of the boots yet but I’ll share soon 🙂

I’ve also just been keeping up with my workouts as much as I can and I’m looking forward to school going back so I can get back into a normal routine again in the morning and go back to walking Bec to and from school. Even Francis loves the walk to pick Bec up and we stop and let them have a play at the park before coming home….with winter coming I might be leaving him home a little more though…..I’ve also joined the snapchat crowd (thanks to my oldest daughter) and am still figuring that out….I have to say I really like it and it’s just fun to use…definitely a good way to get people laughing with all the different faces you can make…

So as you can see it’s definitely the small things that can make you day….it doesn’t always need to be some grand gesture or some super exciting news just look at your day and really look for the joy in the small things…..

Well I’m going to head off now as I’m about to do some research on crochet blanket patterns for Francis’ room….I’ll share that as I get going with it….I did Bec’s blanket last year and she still loves it… have a great night everyone and thank you so much for staying with me….I hope I’ve inspired you to look for more JOY….

Au revoir and take care….



Bonjour I love hearing from you so leave a comment..

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