The Baby Journey….

Welcome to The Baby Journey… some of you know Chris and I have been trying for a baby for a while now but it hasn’t been a smooth road….

I always, always thought I would never have more children after my youngest was born as I was 20 when I had Lauren, 18 with Luke and 16 with James… you can understand me going…nooo way am I having more kids…….A friend even asked me one time after I left my ex-husband (I was 24yrs old at the time) if I ever re-married would I have more kids and I remember telling him it would have to be a very special guy to make me change my mind about having more kids….and what do you know I’m now married to that very special guy (Chris, my high school sweetheart) who’s changed my mind about having a baby….

In January 2011 a month after deciding to get married we had an appointment to see Dr Jewel about having a tubal ligation done as we weren’t going to have more children being that we had five between the two of us…..However during the appointment Dr Jewel asked us, even though we had five children had we considered putting our stamp on the world and having one of our own….I looked at Chris, who was quiet and said ‘well no not really because we said we didn’t want more’…..Chris remained quiet but I could tell he was thinking….The rest of the appointment was made and I was booked in for surgery on the 21 feb 2011…

However on the drive home I looked at Chris and asked him if he wanted a baby….he did the usual guy thing by responding, ‘if you do..’ (men seriously) then I didn’t know what to say as I’d always said I didn’t want more but here was my high school sweetheart 20yrs later and I could just see us having a baby together….I suggested we stop at the next McCafe and get a coffee and talk about this…..stop we did, coffee we did and talk we did…….in the end we decided we would try for a baby… took the rest of the trip home though to get my head around the fact I was going to have another baby at some point in time…..

So the wedding came and went in February and from then on we were trying for a baby….we had to wait a few months for the last of the depo to be out of my system and that didn’t take too long thankfully……even though things appeared to be back to normal things weren’t going as planned…in July I thought I was pregnant as I started having all the symptoms of pregnancy and my body made all the changes over the next three months, only to discover in the end it was a phantom pregnancy…so with that over we got back to work and still nothing was happening… this time I was ready to throw my hands up in the air and call it a day….it was all too much stress and disappointment month after month…

In the end Chris and I decided that if I wasn’t pregnant by the time I turned 38!! next March then we’d call it quits as then for us it’s getting to close to 40, there would be too big an age gap between Bec and a baby and we didn’t want to be ‘old’ parents….However in very early June (2012, before I’d even missed anything) I started feeling very nauseated for most of the day, tired as anything all the time and just pretty much unwell… day three of being late I couldn’t take it any more and thought I’d do a pregnancy test which I completely expected to be negative as it was too soon to tell in my opinion….and this is what I got…..

A Big Fat Positive…..

So after twelve months of trying and then giving ourselves a deadline we now have a positive test and a little one on the way…..I was so excited when I saw this result I had to text Chris at work and tell him and I never usually bother him at work……Chris was just as happy as I was and neither of us could stop grinning when he got home from work and even though we’ve known for the last three weeks we’ve only just told family and friends…..So this is where most of the info over the next eight months about bub’s progress will be… pop in if you like and see how we’re doing….so far all is going well…the nausea’s gone (yey) and I’m not as tired now (I must be adjusting)……everything is pretty normal and good right now…..I’ll be back to share more soon…..

2nd August 2012

Bonjour and welcome to our second update of the Baby Journey….Well it has taken me a while to update as apart from being tired not alot has been going on…..until yesterday that is…..yesterday we had our first ultrasound and it was great…I was so happy, relieved and excited to see bub up on the screen and although Chris was pretty quiet during the scan I know he enjoyed it as much as I did. All bubs measurements suggest he/she is doing well and progressing well, though he did keep laying on his belly which was making it hard for the technician to get good measurements and a good pic of him. In fact he even asked us to go for a ten minute walk to try and wake him up and it did a little but I swear he knew we were looking at him because after a couple of minutes he kept turning his back to us and going back on his belly….cheeky thing…..and yes I know I keep saying he and it’s not because we know the sex yet I just feel it’ll be a boy…..I’ve always thought and felt my fourth child would be a boy……we’ll just have to wait and see at the 19 week scan if I’m right or not…and here he/she is….

He/She really does not like being on their back…lol..

Well I guess it wouldn’t be much of a story about being pregnant if I didn’t talk about the changes I’m going through…Now I know you all know about the physical changes during pregnancy so I won’t go into those too much…..although I have to say at 12 weeks and 4 days, I have popped a bit already…see below….

Taken this morning…Was instagramming my new shoes when I realised I’d popped…

Clothes are starting to become a little frustrating as my jeans and cargos are too uncomfortable by the end of the day to stay in them for too long but thanks to my awesome sister Charmaine who told me about the belly belt you can get to adjust your pants. I’d never heard of it before because they weren’t around 17yrs ago when I had Lauren. So I went and got one today and I am in love with it, it means I can keep wearing all my jeans and cargos for the rest of the winter and not have to buy unnecessary clothes. Though sometimes a clothing purchase is inevitable like the maternity bras I just had to buy…I’m hoping I’m not going to keep popping too much up top……this could be interesting..hehe..

I have to admit I’m surprised how tired I have been over the last couple of weeks and have been fiinding it hard to get out of bed in the mornings, especially when it’s so cold….I’m putting it down to the fact I’m 37, it’s been 17yrs since my last baby and my body is used to having lots of time off from doing all this major work it’s doing now and I have defintely become accustomed to enjoying my sleep but that’s changing too with nightly early morning trips to the loo….So I’m glad this baby will be a summer baby because when it’s warm it’s so much easier to get up…..I tend to be more of an early riser in summer any way so that’s a good thing….

Well Home, Love and Life friends that’s about it for now…bub is doing well as am I and we’re now waiting for the next ultrasound to share more pics……I will ask you all a question maybe you can help me with though…..I have found with this baby I’m off most things sweet and am preferring savoury foods, even though I’m usually a sweet tooth……now, I’ve been told savoury food usually means a boy and sweet food suggests girls…..have any of you heard this before??

15th August 2012

Hi there everyone, just thought I’d give a quick update…all is still going very well with bub…althoughh I’m not feeling kicks yet I can feel where he’s laying if I feel my belly. I’m well within myself, no morning sickness at all now or heartburn. I’m still preferring savoury to sweet foods and I’m popping out of my clothes like nobody’s business….

Taken Sunday morning…..

Can you believe there’s only two week difference between this photo and the one above?? I know I’m surprised and bending is starting to get a little uncomfortable. I’ve finally found a shop that has a small selection of maternity clothes and have ordered a lovely dress which should get me through the summer quite well and I’ll be able to wear it afterwards too…..Well that’s all for todays up date, we have our next scan on the 17th September so I’ll be sure to put another pic of bub up but I will be back before then…..take care…xo

27th September 2012

Bonjour and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to give you all an update, I really didn’t realise it had been so long since the last one. Well I’m happy to report that all is going extremely well with bub….after our 12 week ultrasound we were informed there was a 2% chance of downes syndrome and our doctor wanted to do a more detailed ultrasound at 19 weeks. I’m very happy to tell you that all was fine and there are absolutely no signs of downes syndrome, in fact the technician who did the second ultrasound said she she didn’t know what the first technician was on about because the nucal transluceny fluid was well within normal range……..any way all is good and we just enjoyed being able to see bub moving around on the screen and hear the heart beat and to find out we’re having a boy!! Which I knew of course any way…lol….

Our little man with his hand in his mouth…

I’m now 20 weeks and 4 days and am feeling bub kick and move around all the time…he particularly likes kicking me in the bladder while I’m driving…..quite frustrating when I actually do need the loo I can tell you…..He doesn’t seem to mind most food but absolutely does not like spaghetti bolognese or chow mein too much either but he love chinese food….go figure….he also loves a good salad….

As soon as we new we were having a boy we ducked out and got his coming home outfit sorted…I’d seen it the week before but I’m glad Chris was with me to have a look before we bought it…

Bubs coming home outfit… cute…picked more by Chris…

So everything is going smoothly, I’m exploding in front like no ones business and my fave jeans died on me the other day….I must say…NOT from being pregnant just from wearing them to death but with the help of the belly belt I could still wear them……no longer I’m afraid…. 😦

Exploding from the top at 20 weeks….

20 weeks and 2 days… hiding this baby…no hiding at all…

Yesterday I was bored and then remembered I had bought some fabric ages ago to make a change mat for Peta……I had some over so decided to make one and it turned out rather well if I do say so myself….

I’m quite impressed with this as I’ve never made one before…

So Home, Love & Life friends that’s it from me today, I’ll be back at 22 weeks to let you know how all is going…. figure it’s easier to do an update every’s like a count down that way…lol…take care and I’ll be back soon…xox

25th October 2012

Bonjour! I apologise for missing the 22 week update as I have been flat out sewing and trying to get enough stock together for the etsy shop.

Today I’m 24 weeks and 5 days along and still all is going very well. I’m starting to get some rather big kicks from bub now, in fact I got one so big the other night it shocked me, Chris is starting to be able to feel bub kicking more now too….he’s got a good leg on him that’s for sure.

I’m still popping out in front and have almost lost complete sight of my toes and have noticed that when I’m walking I’m developing that pregnancy swish/waddle that your belly does. I’m getting a little out of breath doing some things now, a few leg cramps at night, major sciatic pain most days on the left side and some lower back pain if I spend too long sitting sewing, other than those minor complaints everything else is well.

Sunday morning 24 weeks…toes almost gone..

This morning 24 weeks and 5 days…one big bub..

WellI’m off for now as I have a few errands to run in town but I will be back for the 26 week update, so have a good day and take care…xo

5th November 2012

Bonjour and how are you all today?? Well we’re at 26 weeks now and it seems like time is going faster and faster. All is well with me and bub, we’re both healthy and he’s kicking like mad all the time now. This week is blood test checks and time to make an appointment with my new doctor who will deliver bub. I’m still finding it hard to find certain clothes in maternity wear as I just don’t feel comfortable in the style of pants that are out there….hopefully I will find some soon.

26 weeks and just a peep of sneakers….

Last week we headed to Target and picked up bubs bassinet, change table/bath combo and pram…which of course I insisted on putting them all together as soon as we were home hehe. Chris is the sort who will leave things in the box for a few days before opening them and I am the sort who likes to rip into my purchases, put them together and see how they work as soon as I get them….lol…We got it all done together and now bubs bed is set up in our room and I have been busy making sheet sets for his bassinet….have a look…

Shark sheets…I love this blue…

Beautiful calm turtles…..

My absolute fave fabric…gorgeous hot air balloons…

And you can never go wrong with polka dots…

I’m still in the process of setting up bubs room even though the change table is in there and I will show his room when it’s almost done….Last week I also decided to go back to my natural colour in an effort to keep things a little more simple and I honestly missed being a brunette…

Not the best pic as I was tired but back to natural hair colour it is…

Well I’m off for now as I have a few things to do this morning that involve the sewing machine. I’ll be back at 28 weeks to check in and let you know what the new doctor is like and how things are progressing…until then Au revoir and take care for now…xo

19th November 2012

Yesterday marked 28 weeks along and I have to say it feels as if it’s going faster and faster with each passing week. There’s only 11 weeks til the start of the new school year and bub could be here by then though I am due the week after school starts.

Last Wednesday I woke up and felt as if I’d popped even more, at first I thought maybe I was imagining it as it was 5:30am and I was still tired but when I looked down I could definitely tell I’d popped and then when I took this weeks photo it was confirmed.

And the feet are no longer in sight when looking down unless I lean forward…

My other maternity dress that is comfy and will last some time after bub is born…

This week I’m off to have my 28 week blood tests to check iron levels and sugar levels are all going well. I’m pretty sure my iron levels are good as I’ve been taking a multi vitamin since falling pregnant but they still need to check. Apart from usual day to day stresses all is going smoothly and bub rarely keeps still now. I have to admit I’m kind of wanting to push things along and have him already so I can get back into my normal clothes but then the sooner he’s here the sooner the extra work begins so I think I better enjoy the next 12 weeks before I’m run completely off my feet.

Speaking of feet, my meet have started the swelling routine big time, if I’m in sneakers then the swelling doesn’t happen but I can’t live in sneakers all summer and going bare foot or in flats just causes my feet to swell. I had the same trouble with Luke but the day after he was born all swelling was gone and I could see my feet again so it should be the same this time round.

Well I’m off for now, I’ll be back with the 30 week update in a couple of weeks where I should have more news on our new doctor and know wether or not I’ll be having another ultra sound.

2nd December 2012

Well it’s that time again, yep time for an update. We’re at the 30 week mark now and the time to have bub is fast approaching. There have been a few developments in the last week, as most of you probably know I saw the doctor on Wednesday and she is lovely but I also found out I have gestational diabetes and low iron levels, the iron levels are easily helped with iron tablets but the diabetes has to be watched very closely as it can cause problems for me and bub and could even cause him to have diabetes when he’s older. So I now have an accu-chek monitor to keep an eye on my sugar levels and I have to check them four times a day. It’s all been a bit of a learning curve this week with figuring out what foods send my levels up and what foods will keep them down. So far I’m doing well and today has been the best day of keeping them low pretty much all day. And the strange thing is is since I’ve been watching my food and sugar levels my feet aren’t swelling anywhere near as bad as they were, so I have to wonder if the diabetes was causing the swelling..??

A prick in the finger four times a day…a small price to pay to make sure bub is ok…

I’ll also be having another ultrasound this Friday to check on bub as I’m measuring 31-32 weeks along when I’m only 30 weeks. My doctor wants to make sure bub is just a big bub and that the diabetes isn’t already affecting him. I’ll have more news on how the ultrasound goes on Friday.

Well we are up to side shots now as I’ve lost sight of my feet so I’m sure you don’t just want to see pics of my floorboards. I’m still popping and with ten weeks to go I don’t know how much more I can go but we’ll see shall we. I’ll be continuing with fortnightly updates until I have bub which in theory should be another five updates and another five pics.

30 weeks and the count down is on…feeling pretty good and enjoying being a brunette again..

Ok well I’m off to bed so as soon as I know anything further I will let you all know but make sure you go to the regualr post as it’ll be this Friday I report in with a new pic of bub….take care and I’ll talk soon…xox

4th January 2013

Bonjour mon amis, my apologies for being gone so long….While Chris had some time off work over the holiday break I tried not to blog too much and just spend some alone time together as we don’t get that very often and before we know it it’ll be even less…..

With that said, here’s the news at hand…..I am now 36 weeks as of today!! I can hear some of you saying what?? how?? Well as I wrote in A Baby Update and A Baby Update Part II (read all about it here) I was measuring bigger than I should be so my doctor sent me for an ultrasound and they’ve adjust my due date by 9 days, so now instead of being due on 10 Feb 2013 I will be having bub on the 1st Feb 2013……so that leaves me with four weeks to go from today….that’s if bub plays by the rules and hangs in there…..he’s been pushing down so much lately and is partially engaged now that I don’t think he’ll wait til the 1st Feb…..I’ll be very surprised if he does…

36 weeks… I just realised I have the same outfit on as the pic

I had another ultrasound a couple of weeks ago to check on his development because of the diabetes and all is still going well, he’s exactly where he should be for 36 weeks and smack on average weight, length and body measurements, so thankfully it looks like the diabetes isn’t affecting him at all…

I myself am doing pretty well with these last four weeks to go however my feet are swelling beyond belief no matter how much I keep them up and I am definitely feeling the tiredness kick in earlier in the day….I should probably have a nana nap in the afternoon but I don’t like sleeping during the day as I feel I’ve wasted my time and I’m sure there will be plenty of days once bub is born where I will just have to have a nap because I’ll be so tired in the beginning……Other than that all is well and I’m looking forward to having bub so I can finally see and hold him and get back to walking normally once again…hehe…well I’m off to put some washing on the line so take care and I’ll be back at 38 weeks if not beforehand….xo

17th January 2013

Bonjour mon ami’s and how are you all?

All is going well here and I’m updating you all a day early as tomorrow is Friday and I really want to spend it cleaning before the weekend and doing some more ‘craft’ with the girls.

So yesterday I had another doctors appointment and she is really happy with how everything is going. Bub’s heart rate is excellent, his development is perfect, he’s not too big thank goodness for that and generally we’re both doing really well and she seems to think it should be a relatively quick and straight forward labour being that my body has done this three times before and knows what it’s doing. Now I do have some extra info and it’s tentative at the moment so I’ll confirm it next week after I see the doctor again. I know I’ve told you all I’ll be induced on the 1st Feb however it now looks like it’ll be the 30th January if bub doesn’t come of his own accord. Because I’m having to be scheduled for induction my doctor wanted to make sure it was a day where she could give me her full attention and not be running around all over the place so it looks like the 30th Jan is going to be the day now but like I said I’ll confirm this next week.

38 weeks and I can’t wait to move freely and have my feet return back to a normal size…

As most of you know too I have been having bad tendonitis in my wrist and it’s making it difficult to do the smallest things and with the weather being so hot I decided to make things a little easier for myself and get my hair cut. You may recall I was tempted to cut it all off the other week when it was stinking hot. {read here} Well I’m happy with the new do and it’s taking Chris a little getting used to as he’s not used to seeing me with short hair but it’ll grow back.

My new hair do….it’s already proving to be much easier to look after at the moment…

Well mon ami’s I must be off as I have a few things to do here before the girls awaken. I will be back next week to let you all know what’s happening and remember if bub should come on his own before hand I will be instagramming our departure from the house to let you all know we’re on our way so if you want to know when that is follow me at HOME_LOVE_LIFE…..take care for now…Au revoir.

24th January 2013

Bonjour mon ami’s…well it that time in the week again where I update you on bub. So as I said last week it looked like I’d be induced on the 30th January and that is now confirmed with my doctor and the hospital. So next Wednesday is the day where our little man will finally be here, I can’t wait to see who he looks like.

Yesterday I had contractions for just over an hour and then they settled down but I was still getting braxton hicks all day long and again today the braxton hicks have been going to town….Bub has five days to do things on his own before he’s made to come out and I’m still hoping he’ll get with the program and come of his own accord but I’m not holding my breath.

I was ready yesterday in case we were on our way to the hospital…

So mon ami’s this is the last update before bub arrives next Wednesday and then when I’m home and have time I will do a post about bub….there will be a couple more posts before Wednesday of things I’ve been up to so stay tuned…..

39 weeks and this is more than likely the last update pic…the next one will be of me holding bub…

I would like to thank you all for sharing this journey with Chris and I and really it’s only the beginning, of course the next phase will be caring for and raising bub and finally letting you all in on his name…so for now take care and I’ll be back soon…..Michelle xo


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